Neenah Waters assist those seeking to spiritually align themselves to become a vibrational match to what they desire in their lives. She services the spirit of a person looking to attract more positive energies as a method of being more intentional with physical manifestation. Neenah helps guide those wanting more for themselves, who are searching for that missing piece to the big fix. She believes that everyone has everything that is needed within them to turn their life around and change in the direction that they desire for themselves. She helps break the Logic Mind Down to reflect that we are a bi-product of what we believe in. And we got to know what we believe because our body becomes what it believes. She helps us with becoming a vibrational match to what we want to receive what we want out of life.

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Neenah Waters, is gifted with helping others reach their higher versions of themselves; and live a life full of love and abundance. The water represents the washing off, of the old and refreshing of the new. Her waters include that of a lighthouse. A beacon of hope to those seeking guidance with navigating through life. She works with those who are drawn towards her. She is a symbol of love, strength, shelter, protection and peace. And for that reason, she has experienced in her life people who freely open up to her with no restriction or worry of any judgement. Her ability to love unconditionally makes people feel free with becoming vulnerable so that she may assist them with healing themselves. Neenah Waters is a lightworker, someone who wants to see healing in the world on a large scale. She is an intuitive healer and coach, and acknowledges a rise in the healing arts. And she is excite

Neenah Waters Holistic Coaching & Healing Practice

• Aromatherapy
• Natural Products
• Private / Group Meditation Sessions
• Message Therapy
• Spiritual Guidance Counseling
• Wellness Blogs
• Tarot Readings
• Gemstones and Crystal Therapy

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